putting the “intern” in “internet”.

i figured i might as well post some pictures up of the Dept. Of Energy, where i’m interning, right now as i type!
the internet is powerful.

so anyway, here are some shots stolen from Micah’s Virb blog.

As you walk up the stairs and round the corner, you’re confronted with parlor games. it’s pretty intimidating. i’m not being sarcastic. i suck at ping-pong and pool. my desk is off to the left of the pool table (not the desk with that ugly PC monitor. i use Micahs MacBook Pro. thanks Micah.)

if you turn around from where that picture was taken, you’d see this:

that heads downstairs to the Utility Inc. offices and warehouse.

here is a shot of Micah’s desk:

this is basically the same as mine, only he’s got fancier things. and his isn’t cluttered with empty diet coke bottles.

so that’s that. i get to play all day in Illustrator and Photoshop. everyone here is really nice, and i’m actually getting to work on things other than typical intern stuff.

it’s great.

and thanks again to Micah, who got me the internship, who lets me use his computer, and who provided the above photos.



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I am a sellout.

Maybe i did it because i was feeling vulnerable, like i wasn’t good enough, like i couldn’t “hang”. But i couldnt even look at myself in the mirror anymore, i couldnt believe where all of my patience had failed to bring me. I looked into the future, and saw what was there, and i took the beard trimmer and i cleaned up my beard.

It might be because all four members of my band have beards (three of us with glasses), plus the handful of other friends i have who are bearded (and bespectacled). It feels silly sitting at a table with 3 bearded friends, all with glasses, all drinking cheap beer. But, i can’t blame it on others. It wasn’t the thoughts of those around me that I was worried about. Most of the time I feel pretty alright looking a little rough around the corners, but i had failed myself. I was ashamed. I told myself that i would let him grow. That i would push through the tough times of beard ownership, allow it to develop through it’s inevitable awkward stages. But i cut it’s life short. It was not where I wanted it to be and at times I hated him for it. Like an embarassed 13 year old with a boner in math, i headed for the bathroom. It’s not completely gone. No, my beard still remains, although at maybe a quarter of the length. But even at it’s greatest length, it was still just a near-beard. It didn’t fill in where it should; only where it’s most red; only on my chubby second chin. My mustache, however, remains. He is my pride and joy. He is at his best, and that makes up for a lot of the self-doubt i have about the rest of my facial hair. I love my mustache, and that means a lot to me. And with my beard trimmed neatly, my mustache is allowed his time in the spotlight.

Others can not deny a man of his beard, only he has that power.

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Western Scrub Jay

Today I had the fortune of spotting one of these guys:
western scrub jay
Image stolen from http://www.coutant.com
Here is their habitat range:
Thanks to http://www.whatbird.com for this image.

Seattle is their most northern region, and while not especially rare, they are fairly uncommon.
They are known for hoarding and burying brightly colored objects.
Thanks to my brother Houston for helping with the identification.

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Here is a list of the top ten most read record reviews from Pitchfork:
1. Ricardo Villalobos – Thè au Harem d’Archiméde
2. José González – Veneer
3. Electric Six Señor – Smoke
4. Devendra Banhart – Niño Rojo
5. José González – Stay in the Shade EP
6. Sinéad O’Connor – Sean-Nós Nua
7. Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead
8. Amadou & Mariam – Dimanche à Bamako
9. Nelly Furtado – Loose
10. Brightblack Morning Light – Brightblack Morning Light

WTF is with the glyphs?
Is this a joke?

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Ancient Megafauna: Fucking Sweet.

Todays Crazy Creature:
The Glyptodon.

My favorite epoch, if I had to choose one, would be the Pleistocene. During this time early man had the opportunity to live along side creatures that are of mythical proportions. Mammoth, giant sloth, short faced bears, saber tooth tigers, etc. Today I thought I would share with you the 2-ton giant relative of the modern day Armadillo, the Glyptodon.

All that’s really important to know is that it was the size of a goddamned VW beetle.

That’s all for today.
Tune in next time when I may or may not teach you something you may or may not have any interest in!

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Yellow, green, orange with bling….

Scraper bikes is on the scene!
The Trunk Boiz

Forever indebted to Micah.

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Dirm Crittle and Sobhuza II of Swaziland

click images to make big big big.

sumi and walnut ink on bristol.

sumi ink on bristol.

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