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Astrological Anomalies and Aquarius Acquaintances


Astrology comes in and out of my life and has done such since I can remember. I recognize that many people find it all to be a bunch of “hog-wash” and don’t like obscure star charts and mystical signs to dictate/direct/inform their lives. That’s cool. But sometimes it’s interesting to take a peak at the other side. What follows is a mildly spooky brush with horoscope predictions, and a breakdown of our Aquarian friends.
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I Got Hos.


Come on “MySpace”, cut it out.

Micah will say:

Come on “Greg”, go to VIRB!

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Ancient Megafauna: Fucking Sweet.

Todays Crazy Creature:
The Glyptodon.

My favorite epoch, if I had to choose one, would be the Pleistocene. During this time early man had the opportunity to live along side creatures that are of mythical proportions. Mammoth, giant sloth, short faced bears, saber tooth tigers, etc. Today I thought I would share with you the 2-ton giant relative of the modern day Armadillo, the Glyptodon.

All that’s really important to know is that it was the size of a goddamned VW beetle.

That’s all for today.
Tune in next time when I may or may not teach you something you may or may not have any interest in!

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I know you’re out there.

Female Sasquatch

“Eyewitness sketch of a female sasquatch, showing a musculature and body proportions similar to the Patterson figure. This one was observed for several minutes by hiker William Roe on Mica Mountain in British Columbia, Canada, in 1955. This drawing was made shortly after the 1955 sighting, but was not published until 1968, one year after the Patterson footage was obtained.”

From The BFRO.

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