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I might cry.


I’ve had the fortune of seeing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons performed in Benaroya’s epic S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium.

On October 29, I’ll have the fortune of seeing motherfucking Joanna Newsom perform with a 29-piece orchestra there.

Uh. WTF. I can’t comprehend how incredible this will be.

Buy tickets now.


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Big Boom, Boiler Blows

At around 7pm this evening I was startled by a huge, apartment-shaking boom. Literally. The building shook. I peered out the window and could see a few people milling about, looking towards the side of our building. I ran outside to see what was happening. My first thought was that a car had hit our building, but judging by the relative non-reaction of those already outside, I knew it wasn’t anything too exciting. Turns out I was right.


What’s in there?
Oh..hmm, a bunch of dust.

Phone calls were made, theories discussed, and then these dudes showed up:
They headed down to investigate:

Off to the right of the photograph you can see our property manager discussing things with the police officer. I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure our manager demanded that they not “kick down any doors down there”, and the police officer had to settle him down, and asked him to step back. He was being very polite in dealing with our frazzled property manager.

Ok folks, you can come back in now! Turns out it was just the water boiler that provides our building’s steam heat.
I don’t think she was posing for this photo, but i hope she was, because what a pose.

I overheard our manager talking with the nice officer pictured above and here’s the jist of what was said:
Her: “Yeah, it was the boiler, good thing it’s the summer time!” Cheerfully implying that we’re lucky it’s warm out, and we don’t need our heaters as much.
Him: “Well it wasn’t my fault.” Awkwardly defensive.
Her: “What?” Confused by the reaction, she tries another attempt at good-natured conversation. “Yeah, that thing was probably 80 years old!”
Him: “Well it was checked last year, and they said it was fine.” Again, awkward and defensive.

They continued like this for another minute, her just trying to talk to another human being, him getting weird, me kind of laughing to myself.

I had just ordered a pizza right before the explosion, and the delivery guy showed up right in the thick of it all. Harrison was clogged full of firefighters and police cars, and this pizza dude just kind of walks into it all confused. Standing in the group of strangers/fellow tenants, all i could say was, “Oh, my pizza’s here.” I offered others slices of my foods but they just sort of laughed and ignored me. Jerks.


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“It is natural to be frightened by violent threats.”

I check my junk mail box every once in awhile to make sure I haven’t missed anything i might need, and I found this:

Dear Students:

Last Friday, a message was found in the men’s restroom in the Science and Mathematics Building.

It said: “I will kill everyone @ SCCC on May 31.”

The college is taking this threat very seriously and is working closely with the Seattle Police Department. We have increased security both on and around campus in response to this threat. Unfortunately, threats like these are a reality on all college campuses today.

Seattle Central takes every threat seriously and we are doing everything possible to provide a safe learning environment. Your instructors have been notified and will take appropriate precautions for classes today.

Seattle Central is open for classes on Thursday, May 31.


Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of your surroundings.
If you see or hear anything suspicious, call Campus Security. In case of emergency, call 911.
If you know anyone who has written or spoken such threats, call Campus Security right away.
Additional information:

It is natural to be frightened by violent threats. If you decide not to go to classes on Thursday, your instructors will understand and accommodate you.
There are counselors available in each academic division if you wish to discuss your feelings and/or concerns.

So i checked Seattle Central’s website and read the message from the school’s president Mildred OllĂ©e. The message was about the same, but she added:

Please be assured that we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe working and learning environment. Threats like these are an unfortunate reality on all college campuses today. We are doing everything possible to maintain a safe environment for all.

“Unfortunate reality” seems like an understatement in light of all the stupid bullshit gun violence that goes on around the country.

I wonder what’s going to happen? I wonder if I’ll go to school.

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