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COPS=Fashion Time Capsule


This kid was getting busted for shooting his B.B. gun at a neighbors car.

He looks so awesome.


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“It is natural to be frightened by violent threats.”

I check my junk mail box every once in awhile to make sure I haven’t missed anything i might need, and I found this:

Dear Students:

Last Friday, a message was found in the men’s restroom in the Science and Mathematics Building.

It said: “I will kill everyone @ SCCC on May 31.”

The college is taking this threat very seriously and is working closely with the Seattle Police Department. We have increased security both on and around campus in response to this threat. Unfortunately, threats like these are a reality on all college campuses today.

Seattle Central takes every threat seriously and we are doing everything possible to provide a safe learning environment. Your instructors have been notified and will take appropriate precautions for classes today.

Seattle Central is open for classes on Thursday, May 31.


Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of your surroundings.
If you see or hear anything suspicious, call Campus Security. In case of emergency, call 911.
If you know anyone who has written or spoken such threats, call Campus Security right away.
Additional information:

It is natural to be frightened by violent threats. If you decide not to go to classes on Thursday, your instructors will understand and accommodate you.
There are counselors available in each academic division if you wish to discuss your feelings and/or concerns.

So i checked Seattle Central’s website and read the message from the school’s president Mildred OllĂ©e. The message was about the same, but she added:

Please be assured that we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe working and learning environment. Threats like these are an unfortunate reality on all college campuses today. We are doing everything possible to maintain a safe environment for all.

“Unfortunate reality” seems like an understatement in light of all the stupid bullshit gun violence that goes on around the country.

I wonder what’s going to happen? I wonder if I’ll go to school.

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“Did it make you feel good to kill?”

Remember that huge pig? Well, Micah pointed out to me that is back online, where you can read people talking shit about the young hunter. My official stance on this huge pig is still Holy Shit!, so I won’t be making any judgement calls on 11 year olds. Luckily, people seem to have it under control:

“I would like to order one of these terrorist pigs for my kids to kill so they can be good americans. How much are they and how do we get into the movies business by killing them? Could we shoot with canon or grenade for to make different than Jamison’s? How can we buy pig that is guaranteed homosexual to make killing more good? Thank you and god bless you good american boy.”

I really love the internet.


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Big Pig shot, killed by Little Pig.

I thought i’d start this all off by saying:
Holy shit!

Who wants sausage!?
“We’ll probably get 500 to 700 pounds.”
I like it when animals get this big and they’re like the top shit in their circle of animals and then some 11 year old with a pistol is like, “Whatevs” and shoots it.

Oh, and welcome to my Web-log, you can just call it my “Blog” for short.


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