Strange Spam


In 1985, a foreign investor( GERMAN ) sort for approval to explore mineral resources in my country. My government subsequently granted him approval, issued with a license for a period of 20 years, which could be renewed on expiration.
He later leased the license to US {PACIFIC MINERAL DEV.CORPORATION,NIGERIA} on which there was a standing order issued to us to pay direct to his account with a bank,the sum of Two Million,Five Hundred United state Dollars yearly as contained in the agreement.Our government has since revoked his license as result of his inability to renew it. My firm made several attempts to reach him for the purposes of this renewal or transfer of right to us,but all our efforts to trace him proved abortive.

We later discovered that the man died in testate and without leaving a relation behind. My firm has paid to his bank account a total sum of Thirty -Five Million Dollars since 1991 the money has been accumulated and attracted for percentage.I have had discussions with the bank to refund this money but was told that it can only be paid to any of his relatives put forward by our firm.
I solicit an assistance to enable my firm make a Next of kin to my client LAHM KOWAKA.Then you can look for a lucrative business in your country we can both invest on.We shall file all the relevant documents necessary for this transaction and the bank would effect payment in your favor.You are free to negotiate your mode of compensation.
You would also be required to send us your full names and present country of residence to enable us file for payment in your favor. Subsequently, we also intend to introduce you to the Ministry of Mineral Resources to enable us have the license renewed.

We count on your total co-operation in this regard!


Engr.Peter Gabriel Dodo.
Pacific Mineral Dev. Corporation,

Peter Gabriel Dodo? If i were in a sweet punk band i’m pretty sure that would be our name.


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