putting the “intern” in “internet”.

i figured i might as well post some pictures up of the Dept. Of Energy, where i’m interning, right now as i type!
the internet is powerful.

so anyway, here are some shots stolen from Micah’s Virb blog.

As you walk up the stairs and round the corner, you’re confronted with parlor games. it’s pretty intimidating. i’m not being sarcastic. i suck at ping-pong and pool. my desk is off to the left of the pool table (not the desk with that ugly PC monitor. i use Micahs MacBook Pro. thanks Micah.)

if you turn around from where that picture was taken, you’d see this:

that heads downstairs to the Utility Inc. offices and warehouse.

here is a shot of Micah’s desk:

this is basically the same as mine, only he’s got fancier things. and his isn’t cluttered with empty diet coke bottles.

so that’s that. i get to play all day in Illustrator and Photoshop. everyone here is really nice, and i’m actually getting to work on things other than typical intern stuff.

it’s great.

and thanks again to Micah, who got me the internship, who lets me use his computer, and who provided the above photos.



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2 responses to “putting the “intern” in “internet”.

  1. Carrie

    hahaha that picture micah posted makes me really happy

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