I didn’t die, but I might this summer!

Update on my last post: Nothing happened.

So anyway….
What’s interesting (sort of) about being in design school versus regular school, is that instead of a week of finals, i have a month of final projects. I’m heading in to the tail end of that final’s month, for better or for worse. On the one hand, the end is near. On the other, i still have a shit load to work on. 80 degree days don’t help either. In case you forgot or didn’t know, Seattle in the springtime is out of control. It’s so gorgeous. And hard to stay indoors. Especially with my new attitudes towards the sun and being outside in general. I’m making it a point to not complain about the sunshine and heat this year, unlike the last 22 years, where I’ve whined anytime it got above 65 degrees.

So anyway, what i’m getting at, is that i’m busy with school, and now i’m interning at DOE, where Micah works. I’m super stoked about it, but it’s definitely coming at a busy time in school.

I’ll be there all summer, while also working at Marymoor. It’s the best summer job ever, and I’ll get to spend 3 days a week out in the sun, doing whatever there is to do, making money. That on top of DOE will equal 6 day weeks, which, if you have a calculator, you can do the math to figure out that I’ll have 1 day weekends, which totally blows, but oh well.

So, really what I’m getting at, is that I’m going to really busy all summer. On top of everything else, I’m also going to be starting work on the publication of MASS TENN which will be a sweet huge book thing filled with awesome art. It will take a lot of working to get it together, but it’ll be totally worth it.

So, what all of this means is that this summer I’m going to be absolutely slammed with busy things. But if you were paying attention, you’d have noticed that it’s all really awesome busy things. I’m super excited.

Other things planned for this summer:
Recording a full length Beestings record
Playing shows with Beestings and Age of the Earth
House sitting at my parents for 2 weeks while they’re in Japan
And other things I’m forgetting.



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