Swear words are cool.

I was browsing Digg just now, because it’s Friday night and I’m having a good time, and came across this list of the 22 worst place names in the world, with the awesomely named Fucking, Austria in the number 2 spot.

When I clicked on the link to the wikipedia article on Fucking, I noticed that someone made a point of contributing this:

“It is near the city of Salzburg, and also the town of “Tittmoning”.”

First off, why is “Tittmoning” in quotation marks? Second of all, why wasn’t “Tittmoning” on Drivl’s list? Thirdly, why even mention “Tittmoning” in relation to Fucking, Austria? It may be situated close by, but so are a lot of other cities.

You know that someone was looking at a map of Fucking, Austria, and saw “Tittmoning” close by and was like, “Dude.”

This was a really good blog, I can’t wait to read it later.


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