“Did it make you feel good to kill?”

Remember that huge pig? Well, Micah pointed out to me that www.monsterpig.com is back online, where you can read people talking shit about the young hunter. My official stance on this huge pig is still Holy Shit!, so I won’t be making any judgement calls on 11 year olds. Luckily, people seem to have it under control:

“I would like to order one of these terrorist pigs for my kids to kill so they can be good americans. How much are they and how do we get into the movies business by killing them? Could we shoot with canon or grenade for to make different than Jamison’s? How can we buy pig that is guaranteed homosexual to make killing more good? Thank you and god bless you good american boy.”

I really love the internet.



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2 responses to ““Did it make you feel good to kill?”

  1. i was writing a really long response about how mean those people are, but i think “i really love the internet” does a better job than i ever could.

  2. Ross

    This one’s a winner, and it’s from the positive comments:

    “I read some of these negative comments from apparently ignorant folks, ( they also probably believe in the big bang and the theory of evolution), so take their comments with a grain of salt and forget it.”

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